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FYI, this speaker kicks serious speaker booty! The cleans are kind of like a JBL or sugarcone,very detailed and pleasant to listen to listen to, and the lead tone is stellar. Full of harmonics and rich, very inspiring to hear. Can't wait until my Glaswerks cab arrives to install it in. Thanks, Paul (you can list me as a user if you would like). I'm just a small fry in the music world, but if you can use it, go for it.

Paul Douds
New Castle, PA

The Austin KTS-70 in my Pure 64 1x12 cabinet is absolutely FRIGGIN amazing with my Pure 64 Meanstreet classic 20 watt amp! Although it is not the best speaker for every amp I own, with the Pure 64 Meanstreet Classic 20 watt amp, it is unbelievable! Joshua

Joshua Syna-
Houston, Texas

I will start by telling you I am a collector of vintage audio. I often shop the local pawn shops hoping to find components for my collection. I found a really cool pair of two-way speakers that looked to be in great condition, paid for them and hurried home to give them a listen... unfortunately, one had a blown tweeter. So, here I am with a couple of speakers made by a company no longer in business that most people, to include me, have never heard of. Do I scrap them and chaulk it up to experience or try to find suitable replacement tweeters... ? I can tell you that finding parts for speakers in Temple is not an option, so I surfed the net and discovered Austin Speaker Service, now Austin Speaker Works. I gave them a call and was told to bring the old tweeter in and they would do their best to find a new one for me. The next afternoon after work I headed to Austin Speaker Works. When I arrived I heard the most incredible guitar sound coming from inside. I wondered in and a there was a guy sitiing in the middle of a bunch of guitar amps shredding a Les Paul. He abruptly stoppped when he saw me and asked how he could help. Long story, short (I guess it is too late for that...) he took time to dig through a couple of boxes of tweeters, found a pair I thought I could make work and gave me a great deal. These "Circa 1972" speakers now sound better than anything in my collection!! It is no wonder to me that some of the best musicians in the world use speakers made by Austin Speaker Works. I wish I had asked this guy his name. He could be the owner for all I know. I do know he has a vinyl collection that numbers 5000+ and HATES CD's. I am only a regular "Joe" but was treated like a rock star. Thank you Austin Speaker Works!! I'll be back!!

Tim Brakebill
Temple, TX

I put an KTS-70 in my DR Z MAZ 18NR, 112 Combo. This speaker can do it all. From sweet country licks to Steve Hunter's Strat/Marshall, "R & R Animal" tones, this has to be one of the best speakers I've ever played through!


Had the pleasure of working with wes to get our house sound straight at weirdos bar...his knowledge of the way sound travels and ear for music can be heard in every asw my opinion a bill Webb head and asw speakers would be unbelievable....think I will get me some of finer guitar rig made....period.

weirdos bar

Love the Peacemaker… I was worried the it would be aggressive sounding and too loud, but it sounds amazing with my Blackverb.  Load of punch, chime and shimmer without sounding harsh.  Very sensitive to string response…I can start a note just with vibrato.  Sounds awesome with drive too which I didn’t expect given it’s beautiful clean tone.  


Glad I've fnilaly found something I agree with!


I now own two of your speaker cabinets loaded with KTS-70's, and I've never heard my Demeter amps sound better. They put everything else I've tried to shame. Even the drummer could tell the difference! And you guys are so nice to deal with too - icing on the cake. Thanks for all the blood, sweat and tears you guys put into your products. It shows.

Robert Mokry
Austin, Texas

Ron reconed a pair of grey JBL D120's for me with special requests for thicker paper, paper surrounds etc. They are the BEST JBL's I've ever enjoyed playing through, bar none. So I had a second pair done for backup and an excuse to have yet one more amp. ASW!!! Redd Volkaert

Redd Volkaert
Austin Tx

“I got a pair of KTS-70’s, and I can’t stop playing them! Extraordinarily good sounding well behaved speakers. With the exception of my favorite JBL 130’s, they make all the rest of my speakers sound broken by comparison.”

Steve Kimock

“There are a few more surprises in store. It seems at once both quieter and louder than a vintage Vox. Although I never expected the amp itself to be silent, it’s actually pretty quiet, until you don’t want it to be, that is. Then it gets loud. Very, very loud. Perhaps that’s got something to do with the loudspeakers. Made for XITS by Austin Speaker Works, the high power X70C ceramic speaker (ASW KTS-70) has a 70Hz cone and 80 Watts of power handling. For an additional charge, you can get the optional X70A (Alnico) (ASW Alnico Elegante’) speakers. They break up beautifully. For me, this put to rest the notion that the original AC30’s underpowered speakers were part of the secret of its tone.”

Premier Guitar – October ‘08
Taken from Premier Guitar’s review of XITS Piper X30 Combo loaded with two ASW Alnico Elegante’s

TQR - “Are you still using the Austin Speaker Service listed on your website?”

Grissom - “Yeah. Half way through the first song on my solo record I blew one of the (vintage CelestionTM) 25 watt Greenbacks, and I totally panicked. It took me two songs to figure out what had happened. I gave the speaker to Ron to recone and got it back sounding as good or better than it had before, and I wound up miking the reconed speaker, so he knows what he’s doing. I don’t want to go into which batteries sound better or which direction to run your cables, but speakers are tough.”

The ToneQuest Report interview - August, 2008

David Grissom

 “I’ll admit that I hesitated, at first, to use that word. It sounds so unshakably partisan. But we had the amp out at a Premier Guitar party a few weeks back, and its one-of-a-kind looks piqued the interest of not a few discriminating gearheads. Impressive, sure, but not yet astonishing. When the most frequently heard exclamation coming from the gearheads who did take a closer look at it was, “Oh! you gotta be kidding me. . .” I sensed we were moving past impressive. But when that inimitable tone could be heard cutting its way through a mix thick with some heavy-hitting amps, including a few 50-Watters with 4x12 cabs, astonishing was the only word left.”

Premier Guitar – October ’08

Review of the XITS Piper X30 Combo Loaded with 2 ASW Alnico Elegantes

“This guy (who) builds all the speakers, he is in my opinion the untouchable master of loudspeakers for the type of stuff I do. He still blows me away.” Taken from Premier Guitars video interview of XITS’ Mike Koski at 2008 LA Amp Show.

Michael Koski - XITS Sound, Inc.

Just wanted to drop ya a line and thank you once again for the ASW KTS-70's. Thanks for taking the time to return my calls and getting me some great speakers. I used them on every single track.

The KTS-70 has the most pleasing mid range of any British style speaker that I've ever heard!

Seth James

 “I simply cannot express to you how fortunate I feel to have the pleasure of listening to your speakers in my 4x12 cab, a black Orange Slant if I may add. Sometimes words are difficult to convey, yet I will try. Have you ever seen the sun set on the Island of Santorini in Greece? Simply Gorgeous!!!!!! Tone with a smile – End of story. Cheers!"

Demetrios Katis -
EMI Platinum Artist, award winning composer, both ‘Billboard’ and ‘Los Angeles Music Awardsand lead guitarist and founder of Greek Metal sensations “The Exiles” and “Exoristoi.” Also, first European to get his hands on our work.

Got your Alnico speaker and at first sight I was floored by the quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail..way beyond any other speaker I have ever seen, and I have seen and used many over the years, from Celestions to Webers, Jensens, CTS, Eminence, JBL, Altec you name it. I really appreciate the way you addressed the age old problem of Alnico bell/hubcap rattle with the polished aluminum ring accompanied by a form fit rubberized gasket...great Job. I can't tell you how many Celestion "blues" and Jensen Alnicos I have had to wrap with rubber tape to keep the bell from rattling. As for the sound...perfect! No cone cry, no wierd artifacts even when I drive the snot out of it! The tone is (to my ears) like a Celestion "Gold" with tighter "bottom" more "Fullness" and "midrange" presence, a "sweeter/smoother" top end...and NO CONE CRY! A real winner quest for the perfect speaker has ended!

Greg Holland
Escondido, CA

KTS-70 Arrived this mourning!

Have to tell you mate, this speaker is amazing. I was happy that it did not change the character of my beloved Rambler -- just made it complete. You guys must have some serious jars of magic dust in Austin, Texas. It was like hearing my amp properly for the first time. I will be emailing Steve Carr about your speaker.

thanks so, so much. 

Hi again,

This might sound like gushing, but this speaker has made an already cool sounding Amplifier extraordinary. Really loving the clean and drive sounds now -- I emailed Steve Carr and told him that the Rambler and the KTS-70 were a great combination. Sound great with my Strats and Les Paul. Just amazing. David Dare Parker

Represented by:

David Dare Parker

"I've always liked some color to be added by my speakers, but they always seemed to give up in strange ways and often had a certain harshness and stiff feel with certain setups. Even after break-in periods. I tried some ASW ceramics (KTS) and all my issues are gone, but that color I was wanting was there. The ASW guys also helped me understand better what I was wanting out of my speakers and actually suggested I try cones tuned at different frequencies which turned out to be the last key to what I heard in my head. They sound amazing and I've replaced all my speakers both ceramic and Alnico.”

Ruston Vickers – Successful Austin High-Tech Executive, Guitar Enthusiast, and all around EXTREME gearhead extraordinaire!

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